Last Journey In Home Town And Funeral Ceremony Of Legendary Boxer Muhammad Ali


Muhammad Ali who was known as more than a boxer in front of the world he is the king of boxing many people remembers him in various means he was born on January 17, 1942 he choose boxing as his profession and later on he become the Olympic Champion in Boxing than boxing was well known by Muhammad Ali’s name.


Muhammad Ali was an inspirational controversial figure for the public in and outside the ring in 20th century he was one of the most famous and polarizing sports figure in the world every person was well aware from the name of Muhammad Ali.

On June 3, 2016 this living legend says good bye to the world Muhammad Ali wish was that he was buried in his home town his funereal was open for everybody all the famous personalities including the common peoples were invited in his funereal.

His Funereal was conducted according to his wish there is an open invitation to the world to attend the funeral of Muhammad Ali more than 22,000 tickets were sold by KFC Yum!

In 2 days many of the religious personalities belongs from different religious backgrounds attended the funeral ceremony of Muhammad Ali and everyone agreed on this point that he was a true Muslim more than that he was a true human being with high moral values.

On Wednesday he was given his last bath and on Thursday his last funeral prayer was said and on Friday he was buried in his home town Louisville in Kentucky but before buried him, his coffin was moved in the streets of Louisville.

where he spent his childhood and also from the front of that gym where he was trained as a boxer and than he was buried in grave yard after the memorial ceremony in his funeral and he was buried by his family members in grave yard.


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