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Leader Of Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution Movement Joshua Wong Along Others Escape Jail Time

Three protest leaders Joshua Wong, Nathan Law and Alex Chow are sentenced by court for punishment but two of them are released from which Joshua Wong escaped from Jail time on Monday.
Joshua Wong is a student in Hong Kong and he is now the sectary General of a Political Party Demosisto he is a very active teenager in the Politics of Hong Kong he is also the founder of Scholarism which is the student activist group of Hong Kong and now with all these activities he is also continuing his studies from Open University of Hong Kong.
Joshua Wong is the face and the most discussed leader of the Pro Democracy Protest in Hong Kong which is known as the Umbrella Revolution Movement this movement was started on September 26 2014 during the protest era in Hong Kong this Revolution Movement is known as Umbrella Movement because people uses their Umbrellas to protect themselves from Shelling.
Joshua Wong address the members of Protest movement for 80 hours on the other side Nathan Law addresses for 120 hours but Alex Chow is spending his time in the prison as Joshua Wong is sentenced by Court now.
so on this issue the views of the Judge June Cheung are “The court believes the three defendants are expressing their views and demands genuinely out of their political beliefs or their concern for society,”
All these three protest leaders are hoping to face a punishment of spending 2 years in prison but now Joshua Wong who is the face of this movement is released on bail as he did not attempted any serious crime.
now Joshua Wong and Nathan Law both are the candidates for the upcoming elections in city for legislative council and their motto is self determination.

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