London City Airport Closed: CS Gas Spray Found While Investigating “Chemical Incident”


The London City Airport is shut down after a “Chemical Incident” by which dozens of passengers facing breathing difficulties, the London Police have discovered the uncontrollable coughing cause which is CS gas spray.


Large number of people has to suffer from uncontrollable coughing, the closing of London City Airport and the delay in flights due to a chemical incident.

The London Police investigations have successfully discovered the CS gas spray that assists dozens of passenger to get a treatment for breathing difficulty.

London City Airport is the east London borough of Newham was shut down and pushing passenger in a safe zone just after 4 pm on 21st October when London City Airport’s fire alarm activated.

The evacuation of chemical gas begun uncontrollable coughing of passenger along with staff as well, they were complaining that they were struggling to breath but some of chemical gas not allows to do so as well as they complained their eyes too streaming and stringing.

According to a report of London City paramedics, 27 people has been treated for uncontrollable coughing and breathing difficulty while there are two people who is in dangerous zone, the London Ambulance took them to hospital to cure them.

The CS gases spray lead about 500 people to leave The London City Airport and have been told to expect a very long delay, the Police firefighters donning complete protective equipment carried out two complete sweeps, they declare the whole building of London City Airport is now safe and the incident is over now.

The Medics of London City Airport are well trained and their training teach how to overcome the hazardous situation, Paul Gibson who is the assistant director of operations at the London ambulance service said that all the patients are cure and two of them were taken to hospital as well as they will cure soon.


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