Man Arrested After ‘Suspicious Suicide Jacket’ Alert Shuts Brussels Shopping Centre


A Shopping centre situated at the centre of Brussels in Belgium has been evacuated immediately when the security alerts that a man enters in the mall wearing a suicide jacket and going to blew himself any time.


All the people were scared badly and run faster as much as they can to saves their lives. But the strange thing is that the suicide bomber itself calls the police that he is wearing a suicide jacket this jacket is not operated manually it is remote control jacket and remote is not in his hand. That suicide bomber calls the police at 5:30 am.

The bomb disposal squad was working on the in 2 complexes in the city near that shopping mall with other emergency and security forces.

Bomb disposal squad along with other emergency forces reaches at the mall and arrested that suicide bomber immediately after the investigation and testing the bomb it was claimed that this jacket don’t carries any explosive material it is a fake suicide jacket.

But that victim was not released yet he is under tight security and investigation is continues with him. Every officer came and asked him several questions but he is not answering these questions.

Now a day’s Belgium is under great security threats all the anti terrorism forces are in great action the raid on may houses daily and arrest dozens of peoples as they also successful in cancelling the attack done my these terrorist on stadium during a of EURO 2016.

After this successful operation everyone is charged up that they have done a great job. When the security alert was on the Prime Minister cancels his TV appearance and call an urgent meeting to get all the updates about this activity going on it the shopping mall.


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