Man Is Shot And Under Custody Of US Police After Drawing Weapons From US Capitol


Washington: A man that was being shot on US Police check point by US Police and now he is under Custody for pulled out weapons from US Capitol that was also known by police because he was arrested once time earlier.


US Police has shot a man yesterday after recognizing that he was pulling out weapons from US Police Capitol and after Shot he is now Under the Custody of police which has shifted him in hospital because he is wounded.

According to police he is now stable but in critical condition as he is the man of 66 years old and he is also arrested earlier once that by declaring that he is the prophet of God and for disorderly House proceedings.

According to the initial investigation of US police that he recognized him as a name of Larry R. Dawson which is of 66 years old from Tennessee that he was charged for assault on the police officer of United States police and also assault of deadly weapons as the reports of both cases has been in police station of Columbia’s District therefore he has taken to the hospital where his condition is now critical and he is in ICU.

According to the court when he arrested earlier time he has asked and ordered to stay away and also asked to keep away from arms capitol as he was asked to go to see cherry blossom with tourists yesterday but he was pulling out weapons from that Capitol.

Last year he asked that he would not accept all order from the court to stay away from the Capitol and instead of all he will not surrender to police also. So according to reports Dawson was in Army and was discharged honorable in 1971 and he was working as driver in School Bus so what is internal matter nobody knows clearly.


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