Many People Died Due To Deadly 6.7 Magnitude Earthquake In India


Money pore: Harmful 6.7 magnitude earthquake was come early in the morning in northeast parts of country in which almost 6 people died and above hundred got very serious injuries.

Many People Died Due To Deadly 6.7 Magnitude Earthquake In India

According to a news report, last day early in the morning, Indian people faced a very severe attack of earthquake in result if that six innocent people died and almost hundred were took very serious injuries.

Fatal earthquake attacked to the center of famous Indian district named Tamenglong and system was showed the total depth of 57 kilometers in earth. Other nearly districts also took loss in result of that natural attack.

American Geological search center presented a major report about that 6.7 magnitude earthquake in which he told that many other countries like Bangladesh and Nepal felt the normal attacks of natural shaking.

Few days back in Pakistan, a high magnitude earthquake comes on night but any big loss not occurred in result of that attack. Indian media said that Money Pore and other small districts high damaged and all treatment facilities given by the Government in those areas.

Many People Died Due To Deadly 6.7 Magnitude Earthquake In India

Indian Prime Minister Narrendra Modi appointed to all Disaster Team in affected districts and increased emergency in all private and Government hospitals for the purpose of early treatment of all people.

High deadly magnitude earthquake increased fear among the Indian people but that is also a natural attack and anyone did not take any safe place for the purpose of decreasing the fear of any usual attack. Almost six people had died in result of that in India and above hundred got serious injuries.

Another news report told all treatment facilities are giving by Indian Government on special orders of Prime Minister that’s why people took best dealing of doctors.


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