Many Residents Still Missing After Massive Landslide In Southern China


We have learnt from the latest reports that over 90 people are still missing as on Sunday a landslide made 33 buildings debris in an industrial park, south China.


After the sorrowful incident, the authorities has ordered to raise the rescue acts as so many are still disappear or may have under the wreckage in the city of Shenzhen, located in Guangdong province.

However, the emergency response office of Shenzhen city told media that rescues took about 13 people to nearest hospital while three of them are still in critical condition so far. Though, the searches for 32 female and 59 male are being done who supposed to be buried down side the wreckage.

According to locals’ statements, after the seconds onlookers informed police about the deadliest mudslide at nearly 11:40 a.m. local time, whereas over 690 people are still helping the rescue to find out the signs of life from the debris.

The Guangdong Public Security Bureau told media eleven firefighting teams are reportedly searching missing people and four drones as well 30 search dogs are also part of these searches while officials have established three treatment shelters and a rescue command center too on location.

The locals believes this distress punishment for any huge sin from skyward as a landslide suddenly hit multi-storey buildings, situated at the Hengtaiyu industrial park in northwestern of Shenzhen city of Guangming New District.

When it comes to watch the incident in video that was captured by the one of the onlookers’ camera, showing a landslide hitting multi-storey buildings and how these residence are becoming debris in seconds across the edge of the industrial park.

However, the authorities has explained the mud wrapped 380,000 square metres (94 acres) long area, was 10 metres (11 yards) deep in parts, the Vice Mayor of Shenzhen city, Mr. Liu Qingsheng told media too.


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