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Mayor Sara Duterte Carpio Asked Muslim Women Not To Wear Hijab In Public After Davao Blast

Philippines: Mayor of Davao Sara Duterte put stress and urges Muslim Women not to wear hijab in public places as this will helpful in stopping more terrorism attacks in this country after this attack in Davao city.
After horrible attack in the city of president, Davao, Mayor of this city Sara Duterte Carpio called a special meeting to meet the future attacks in their country as a night before terrorism attack killed about 15 people and more than 60 people are still wounded.
She as the Mayor as well as the daughter of the president said that she would like to express her heartiest condolence to all the families of those people which died in the horrible terrorism attack. She also announced that city Government of Davao will fulfill all the needs which are included expenses of hospital, funeral, burial and all expenses.
She further explained that she would like to unite people of this city because she wanted to assure world that her nation has no fear terrorism attacks like this so we have to help each other in this respect therefore we are able to rise from this kind of senseless accidents.
She asked that she feels much sorry because of weak condition of her city because she pregnant and not able to well care of her city but she asked other authority of his city to do their duties very well, she said people that they have to report authorities of this city if they find any person doing illegal works.
So this attack will be memorial for her and her city in the rest of life, therefore everybody of this city will have to welcome people in their prayers and also put flowers, light and lay candles for those people which are died in this attack so she asked to unveil Muslim women to wear hijab in public places because this is the part of all implementation about security.

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