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Microsoft Introduces New Features For Microsoft Office 365 Researcher, Editor And Zoom

Microsoft Company now launches latest features for its product Microsoft Office 365 which is the latest version with most advanced qualities which are never been introduced but Microsoft is not satisfied with these all qualities so now in July it release some of the Updates for Office 365.
There are three major types of updates are available on office 365 number one is researcher number two is editor and number three is Zoom, Researcher and Zoom these two features are available on Microsoft World Panel.
Microsoft World Panel is designed to type documents and researches so to increases the comfort level of user Microsoft added feature of Researcher with this feature a small tab like task bar just a bit wider or like clipboard panel is attached on the right side.
In this panel user can easily find anything like content of latest news or current affairs from different authorized web sites and also get history of anything proper definitions and this research panel is divided in sub groups such as Science and Technology, Health and Tips, Sports, Latest News etc to increase the comfort level of user.
In Editor portion Microsoft simply increase and modify the Spelling and Grammar check portion now the editor correct all the mistakes suggest grammar and conjunctions also correct the fragment mistakes and latest feature is that it also defines that what type of mistake is present and how it will be removed some small Grammatik mistakes are automatically corrected by the Editor.
Zoom is provide in Power Point Panel as it is very difficult for a person to remember the order of slides in front of a crowd so Microsoft finish this issue now user can switch between slides instead of going one by one which is very difficult and time taking.

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