Things You Must Learn About the Mobile App Offered by Wallpics Photo Tiles


Wallpics has given a new way to place photos on the walls. It has given a new style to your personal photos and has given you an opportunity to enhance the beauty of your home by decorating your walls with your snaps that revive your memorable moments. Perhaps that is why Wallpics has become the choice of most of the households and is gaining recognition as one of the best options for wall décor. It is not just the features of Wallpics, but also it is the mobile app offered by Wallpics that has made it so simple to order. Scroll down to learn more about Wallpics and Wallpics App.

Important attributes of Wallpics
Before you get to know about the different features of Wallpics, it is necessary to understand what Wallpics is in reality.

As the term “Wallpics” could give you the idea that this word has been made by uniting two words – wall and pics, which is a short term used for pictures.  Now, it must have been clear to you that Wallpics is nothing but the pictures or the snaps placed on the wall. You might be thinking what is new in this as you have always been hanging photos of your family and friends in your home, but there is a difference. The difference lies in the fact that Wallpics is an innovative way to enhance the look of your home with a wall décor which is tailor-made. These are customized photo tiles that stick on the walls of your home and make it look wonderful to anyone who catches a glimpse of it. There are innumerable qualities of Wallpics that make it a good option for you and here some of the major ones have been discussed:

It is attractive
Wallpics is attractive and there is no doubt about it because it has something to tell about you. Whether you place a photo from your album of a place or a restaurant or your pet, these photos will create a sense of curiosity among the others, thereby making them attracted towards it. This is something which you cannot do with the help of any wall stickers or any other wall decorative of this price range.

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It is not very expensive
Now, coming to the cost of Wallpics, it is important to highlight that it is not very expensive and carries a price tag which is competitive with other affordable wall decors. However, in comparison to the range, it offers you far better results in appealing to your guests and even you. Every time when you take a look at these snaps, you get to remember your special moments of your life. You only need to spend $35 for a set of three snaps and $9 for each additional photo.

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It is tailor-made
Being tailor-made means it is customized and fulfills your requirements. This means that you get the same size and the type of Wallpics you want and this is something which is really difficult to get in other wall decors. You can order Wallpics with respect to the dimension of the walls of your room, wall paints, etc. This is what makes these pictures look perfect and look exclusively made for your room.

It is effortless to place on the wall
When you read the term effortless, you really don’t believe it to be true, but it is when you talk about Wallpics Stickable Photo Tiles On Google Play. These customized pictures are such that you do not need to put any extra effort to place it on the walls of your room. You just need to open the package, take out Wallpics and stick it on the wall for which you ordered the photos. You neither need to drill a hole in the wall for a screw nor hammer a nail in the wall as you can stick Wallpics easily on the walls of your room.

It is safe for your walls
The safety of your walls is an important thing that you cannot compromise just because you want to place a decorative item. You need to ensure that the wall décor that you are choosing doesn’t damage your wall in any way so that you do not end up renovating the walls of your house. You need something that even when taken off ensures that your wall remains like before. Wallpics is one such decorative thing that doesn’t leave any mark on the wall and never peels off wall paint when taken off.

It is easy to order
You can order Wallpics easily with the help of Wallpics App, which is available on the Apple store. Anyone who uses an Android phone or an iOS mobile can download this mobile application. Once you have downloaded the application, you can upload the selected images on the app and place the order. You must make sure that you order Wallpics on the correct address and you will receive the package within 5 to 6 days. The shipping cost is free for those who reside in the US.

Whether you have a big or small abode, it doesn’t matter. What matters is your enthusiasm to decorate your home. Wallpics appreciate this and that is why it offers you Wallpics App to make sure you place the order in the easiest way possible. So download the app now and place your order.


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