Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World 2018


Last Updated: June 06, 2018

World is so much beautiful in which we are living that God has made many beautiful things for just human being, God has made countless beautiful things including big rivers, lakes, seas, trees and many other things so nature is very beautiful that often seen by us like huge mountains that are covered with white ice, so much beautiful sights and places.

But in all these big and beautiful things we should not forget the most beautiful thing of nature which is none other than beautiful and gorgeous flowers as they are so much soft and lovely. They are considered as message of peace in the world that every big port of the world has used this thing in their poetry so they are most important, for love point of view lover also give these flowers to its ideal, for patient people also give him flowers to get well soon, in short words these are used in every place of the world.

So here is the list of Top 10 Most Beautiful Flowers in the World 2018.

10: Chocolate Cosmos

Chocolate Cosmos as is cleared from its name Chocolate, it is beautiful and sweet as like of chocolate as these are also most liked and loved because these flowers are so much rare in this world and we cannot be seen this everywhere around us but luckily you have these flower around you then you are also so much lucky because these flowers are so much beauty and pretty as chocolate cosmos is scientific name of this flower which is mainly due to its color that is like of chocolate color so fragrance of these flowers also so much beautiful which is like that of vanillin scent. So it is not only beautiful but also the fragrant flower of the world but problem is that it is also most rare and expensive flowers too.

Beautiful Flower

9: Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom is also so much pretty flowers that are also rare because these are in that areas where a lot of ice covered but they are only in March and April as a name of this pretty flower is also so much beautiful that is so lovely to hear therefore considered as the most beautiful flower. Cherry Blossoms are usually found in the Himalayan Mountains and are local to Japan but slowly have been distributed to the entire Northern Hemisphere, due to their popularity. So these are usually available in mostly pink and white color but cultivated in a number of different qualities and shapes so many poets of the world are inspired by the beauty of this flower and they wrote different lovely poems on this because no doubt it is the beautiful flower.

Beautiful Flower

8: Oriental poppy

Oriental poppy is also very beautiful and pretty flower of the world as all those which have so much interest in the cultivation of flowers always likes to cultivate this type of flower because it is so much soft and its color is also much lovely but this flower is also so much that is not easily available and name of this flower came as it would not die almost for two years at least, therefore, its beautiful color is considered as sign of romance in many cultures as this color is also common but this flower make it real and rare before the world and these flowers are also available in different colors also that are mostly available in Turkey.

Beautiful Flower

7: Dahlia

Dahlia is also so much pretty flower as it is considered as the leader of the flowers if a flower could trip because the design and shape of this shape of this flower is so much different and pretty to watch as these are multi-layered and we so one looked that they looked like these are imaginary, not real. Main interesting to know fact about this flower is that these are easily available in markets and also it has almost 42 species but some of these varieties are so much lovely and beautiful that is also a symbol of romance in different cultures. It is also known as Valley flower which is national flower of Mexico as it has not so much attractive fragrance.

Beautiful Flower

6: Orchid

Orchard Is also very attractive, lovely and beautiful flower and If you are looking for some kind of fancy flowers then you have to see and choose these flowers as this flower has so much large amount of species that is about 27,800 which is so much big and great to hear therefore it has also different and many colors but moat common and beautiful which is available easily is white blue color looks like purple. But the main benefit of this flower is that, it has also so beautiful and attractive fragrance, therefore, it is also mostly used in perfumes and these are available almost around the world therefore easily available so these are also available also in the desert and also in glaciers too.

Beautiful Flower

5: Tulip

Tulip is also so much lovely and beautiful flower as it is available mainly in purple color as tulip is its scientific name and also considered as the most charming flower of the world. These flowers also have so much species that is about 75 in this world so it is not beautiful but it is also topic of poetry of many poets for almost hundreds of years, therefore, it is also sign of romance in many cultures but these flowers are mostly found on highly upper areas on mountains therefore in Turkish Traditions and Culture that part of earth considered as Paradise on Earth where these flowers have grown therefore due to  these qualities this is considered as beautiful flower.

Beautiful Flower

4: Lotus

Lotus is also pretty and most lovely flower but the problem of this flower is that 5 flowers of this name have been called as Lotus, therefore, it is necessary to recognized right and most beautiful Lotus that is Nelumbo nucifera that is also known as Indian Lotus and most beautiful in Lotus flowers. So it is mainly found in water and those places where a there is a large quantity of water because they need cool place for their production, these flower are available in Pink color but center of these flowers have seen as white so combination of these two colors looks gorgeous so there is so much importance of this flower in Indian Society because it is also national flower of India which is used on different places.

Beautiful Flower

3: Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart is also most beautiful flower as name of this flower as due to its shape because shape of this flower looks like bleeding and color of this flower is also red so poets of the world are really impressed by the shape and beauty of this flower because it is as like of bleeding heart which looks imaginary in first look so name of this flower also looks like dramatic therefore it also belongs to the poppy family of flowers. It is mostly found in China Japan and Korea and due to its most beautiful dramatic shaped considered as the most beautiful flower of the world because it has romantic shape.

Beautiful Flower

2: Plumeria

Plumeria is also so much beautiful and cute flower as it has also many other names like Champa, Temple Tree or Frangipani but most famous in this name as this tropical flower belongs to the Apocynaceae family. It is not only beautiful flower but also has best and fresh fragrance which is also used for making perfumes as these are available mostly in three colors white, pink and also yellow but there are some kind of red also available but they are in very small range because they are so much rare. It is also most used by poets and writers of literature after rose which is most used because many big writers of the world have wrote so much on the beauty of this flower.

Beautiful Flower

1: Rose

As name of this flower came on the tongue all of us considered that some kind of beautiful things of the world as no doubt it is most beautiful flower of the world because it is liked by all the people of the and these also most used in the world from lover to love, husband to wife so it is considered as symbol of true love all around the world. They are available easily in this world as it has almost more than 100 species but most beautiful and used in red rose then white and yellow as it is not only beautiful but also it has so mu h beautiful and best fragrance that is also used in different kinds of perfumes therefore it is now become the symbol of friendship but most is love so due to its popularity and beautiful it is most beautiful flower of the world.



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