Mosul Battle Rages On: Iraqi Troops Converge In Decisive Battle To Regain Mosul


The peshmerga has pushed United States, British and French Special forces from east along with paratroops to Iraq as Iraqi troops has battling Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militants on second day to recapture Mosul.


The city of Iraq (Mosul) was undertaken by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria fighters previously therefore, Iraqi troops has stepped forward to fight with ISIS militant to recapture its northern city.

The US air-strikes, special forces and paratroops has took responsibility to aid Iraqi forces to knock out each and every individual of ISIS to regain the control of city.

The ISIS has strongly hold the second largest city of Iraq where its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was declared to establish their caliphate two years ago but the Iraqi forces has now took a decisive action to liberate the city.

The Peshmerga which is known as Kurdish Forces thought to be coordinating first time with Iraqi soldiers to liberate the second largest Iraq’s city; the Kurdish forces become advanced steadily in long armored.

The Mosul battle was ongoing from yesterday and the violence never halted even on night, over the first day of battle peshmerga has claimed their two tanks destroyed by the two suicide bombers of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

The first day attempt to oust ISIS militants, the Kurdish forces recaptured 200 square kilometers area of region where ISIS has stronghold. The rough estimate has shown the death of one Iraqi soldiers along with two wounded soldiers when a car suicide bomber has targeted however, s south of the city.

According to Maj. Amin Shekhani of the Iraqi army has claimed that they knock down 10 jihadists of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria in operation of recapturing the city.


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