A mother donates NICU babies with 14 gallons of her own breast milk


Mothers use breast milk in various ways. They not only pump the extra milk for dumping but even bake with it or drink it. However one mom has decided to do something extraordinary with her extra breast milk.

A mother donates NICU babies with 14 gallons of her own breast milk

She decided to donate it to NICU babies that were in dire need for a mother’s breast milk. The name of said mom is Amanda Lanners who is resident of South Dakota.

Lanners has currently one child that needs her breast milk and she pumps around 72 pounces of breast milk on daily basis. This amount is quite large so she decided to donate 14 gallons of her own milk to the Avera McKennan Hospital in South Dakota.

38 years old Amanda told reporters from CNN that, it got to a point where my deep freezers were full with surplus amount of milk and I now have to pump it out for dumping.

She did not wanted this milk to go to waste so she inquired from the lactation specialist of the Avera McKennan Hospital as to what she can do. According to her she asked the specialist, “I want to donate the milk. How can I do this?”

Lanners was already aware of the fact that how necessary was breast milk for the NCIU (neonatal intensive care unit) babies.

Lanners got the idea of donating milk when she was with her friend in hospital for her friend’s child birth. Both of her friend’s children were a result of premature birth and she remembered what the nurses told her about breast milk being important for these premature abbacies. She further told reporters that,

“I have the ability to pump more milk and make even more. I wanted to go ahead and help out these little children’s who need it the most”.

Her milk will be able to help around 2000 babies.


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