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Mother Of 8 Months Old Baby Died In Hot Car Request Court Remove Charges From Father

GRENADA: a sad incident on May 19 takes when a baby of 8 months old in left in the car by mistake of his father and that baby died because of hotness and suffocation after that mother of that baby said to release his father.
Shanice Caradine mother of 8 months old baby filed an affidavit on Tuesday in this affidavit she request to court to remove all the charges from his husband Blunt as he did not killed that baby he died just because of an accident.
Shanice Caradine presented her request in the Grenada County Circuit Court and she is requesting badly to court to release her husband their baby died because of an accident it is not a murder of an innocent life and how it is possible that a father killed his own child.
According to the law of Grenada if the murder is proofed than Blunt will be charged with a second degree of murder and punishment of this murder is that he has to spend 2 to 20 years in prison.
The case of family is look after by lawyer Carlos Moore and this lawyer presents the whole situation in the court and said that these both are people belong from black community and now very much wealthy husband and wife both are working persons.
Om May 19 Blunt pick his wife and baby and he drops his wife on a Fast Food center as she is an employ there and the is look after by his grandmother on daily bases and then as per routine Blunt has to drop his baby to his grandmother’s house.
But somehow that day he forget that the bay was also sitting in the car and he left that baby into car and went towards his working place and baby was still in the car and after 4 hours when Blunt comes out he was shocked that the baby was in the car and he picks up his child and went into the office there he and his fellows put wet towels on him until ambulance has arrived but the baby is no more.
Now Blunt is released on bail but the court has decided to start the trials from August 18 and till now whole family is facing a lot of mental stress.

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