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MQM Mayor Elect Waseem Akhtar Admits That He Behind Incident Of May 07, 2007

KARACHI: On Tuesday Mayor Elect and senior leader of Muttahida Qumi Movement Waseem Akhtar during investigation admits that he is behind the whole activity of May 7, 2007 in Pakistan he ordered the party members to open their fires on the public to create the situation of chaos in city.
On 19 July Waseem Akhtar was arrested under the charge of harsh full speeches and 10 other cases after seeing this situation Judge of Anti Terrorism Court ordered for a Judicial Remand for Waseem Akhtar and on Tuesday July 26, 2016 when he was asked about the whole situation of May 7, 2007 he admits that he is one of the leaders who are behind this.
Further senior leader of Muttahida Qumi Movement said that he and the leader of Muttahida Qumi Movement are the master mind of that attack but after a while he don’t wants to give the orders of firing but the other leaders who are involved in this forced him to give orders.
But their main motive is that to stop Chief Justice Ifftikhar Mohammad Chaudhary in airport and to create such situation that he never thinks to come out from air port and take air port under the charge of MQM.
On the other side the situation is going out from the hands of MQM the people went angry and killing the public openly at that time many of the judges are trapped inside the courts and the courts are surrounded by the MQM members.
At that time first time in the history the city of lights Karachi is totally sealed and people are killed just like animals after that the situation is getting worst.
But now Waseem Akhtar said he is shameful for his deeds and he will help police to arrest the other leaders which are involved to make May 07, 2007 the darkest day in the history of Pakistan.

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