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Muslim Couple Is Kick Off From US Bound Flight Just For Saying Allah Due To Sweating

PARIS: An American Pakistani Couple which is travelling from Paris to America is kicked off by the crew of Aero Plain and the reason behind this step taken by crew is that this couple speaks world Allah when they are sweating badly.
Nazia Ali and Faisal Ali both are on a vacation of 10 days in Paris and spending their 10th wedding anniversary in the city of love after that when their tour is finished and this couple packed their bags to back to Ohio in America.
Than the booked their seats in a US bound flight for when couple sits on their seats they were sweating due to heat as these both or looking like religious type personalities so Nazia while clearing her sweat said Allah.
After some time Faisal also said Allah and at that time this couple did not notice that peoples are not just looking they are staring them but the couple is busing in texting and at that time a lady sitting in the side of Nazia complains that she is not feeling comfortable with her.
After some time some of the other passengers also complain that they don’t want to fly with this Muslim couple so the crew told this whole situation to the pilot and pilot decided to kick off this Muslim Couple from the flight.
After this insult this couple is completely investigated by the French police and after a long investigation the Police of France that is couple is innocent and not involved in any sort of illegal work.
After that French Investigation apologize the couple for their harsh behavior and send this couple to Ohio for the next US bound flight after confirming that these 2 are not involved in any sort of illegal activity.

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