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Muslims Join Religious Activities Of Catholic Christians To Show Solidarity In Italy And France

PARIS & ROME: after the horrible killing of 85-year-old priest, Father Jacques Hemlata in France by Diash during the Morning mass shakes that whole world that what is going on in the world now on Sunday Muslims of France and Italy unite with the Christian community to show that Muslims are standing with them.

On Sunday Morning more than 100 Muslims unite with Christians and join them in the Church of Norman town where Father Jacques Hemlata slaughter and his head is separated from his body, these Muslims join the Morning Mass with more than 2000 Catholic Christians to send a message to whole world that Muslims are standing with other communities.
And those people who represent themselves as Muslims and performing these activities of killing and creating distances are not of from Muslims real Muslims are these which are standing with other communities and sending the message of love to whole world.
Muslims are not just gathered in Norman Town there are numbers of different gatherings of Muslims and Christians to show that Muslims are equally in Grief from the murder of Father Jacques Hemlata and also feeling shame full that the terrorist are using their names to kill the other peoples.
In Italy the Sectary General of Islamic Confederation address to Jane chapel pulpit and force for interfaith gatherings to show solidarity with other communities.
after that Muslims participated in different religious activities with other communities to show the strength of a nation this unity proves that everything is unity and unity doesn’t matter that from which religion u belong.
On Sunday in Italy and Rome this scene of unity creates history in the book of world and sends a message that Muslims are not terrorists actual Muslims are peace loving and kind hearted.

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