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NDFB Militants Targeted Kokrajhar Market, 14 People Killed 20 Injured

ASSAM: Indian State Assam is now under attack and terrorists are moving are like free birds in Assam this time terrorists targeted a market place and open their fires on public in result of this blind firing 14 people are killed and roundabout 20 are injured.
In present era India is facing a lot of terrorism problem and a large of rebels is also rising against the policies of India as Indian leader are not caring for their public they are just deeply involved in the dirty politics and this carelessness of Indian leaders cost the lives of public.
This time a group of rebels targeted Assam and the exact point of attack is in Balajan town which is on the distance of 8 Km drive from Kokrajhar district at Assam State here a group of 4 or 5 people arrived in an auto rickshaw and first the wander in the market in search of most crowded place than this group of rebels open their fires on public.
Along with this blind and untargeted firing the also throw hand grenade in shops and some of the shops also set on fire and in this attack of rebels 14 people are killed on spot and 20 are injured.
When this whole activity is going on security agencies and military forces take charge the whole area and a round of fighting and exchange of bullets started between military forces and rebels in result of this 1 rebel is also dead and other run away.
The responsibility of this whole attack is accepted by the National Democratic Front of Bodoland this a banned group which is mostly responsible for all the activities of terrorism in Assam and also in India but Indian Government is not taking strong measures against this group.

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