New Labor Minister Of France François Hollande Appoints Myriam El Khomri as Labor Minister


It is a light that have reshuffle Francois Hollande and Manuel Valls, Wednesday, September 2nd. By naming Myriam El Khomri the Ministry of Labour, to replace the resigning François Rebsamen, the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister created the surprise with lightning promoting that which was previously Secretary of State in charge of the policy city.



His previous portfolio will be taken over by his minister, Patrick Kanner. However, with this replacement position for position, they limit the political significance of this change in government.

Yet the temptation to advance the major overhaul planned at regional at the end of 2015 crossed the minds. The Prime Minister seemed ready at first to strongly reshuffle the cards without awaiting the outcome of the regional elections in December.

All hypotheses have been considered in recent days, recognizes a counselor. The implosion of Europe Ecology-Greens with the departure of the two group presidents to the National Assembly and the Senate, François de Rugy and Jean-Vincent Place, changed the political landscape in this fall.

Should they operate in the wake recomposition of the majority in the device by integrating pro-government environmentalists and some representatives of other leftist partners? Francois Hollande has chosen to delay and see how the crisis will end in EELV.

Valls from that Hollande was more on the subject, but it does not have the same vision as the chairman of the meeting with environmentalists, said one Minister near the Head of State. Holland does not want to give the feeling of using purely politicking way division among environmentalists.


This could be frowned upon in public opinion and further aggravate the break with Duflot before the presidential election, says someone close to the president.

By delaying the reshuffle, the executive also keeps a cartridge for the regional. A reshuffle is done before the French, it must make sense, said Manuel Valls in small groups. “It will be a political response to future electoral defeat, a full minister.

For Myriam El Khomri, this is a tremendous rise in the government hierarchy. I measure the responsibility is mine. Count on the fighting spirit and determination in the service of French, she said on his Twitter account shortly after his appointment.

Entry in the team of Manuel Valls during the last reshuffle, she quickly seduces the executive by his work and presence in the field. It was part of young people in recent months government officials regularly cited as examples. Previously, she was known for mayor of Paris, where she was responsible for security matters.

However, the labor law was never part of his specialties, which approximates the profile of François Rebsamen, who has not left its mark on the job.

While the unemployment issue will be one of the most important in the coming months is more his communication skills that seems to have awarded in the choice of the executive, who dismissed a profile Alain Vidal, expert the Labour Code in media-but less comfortable.

The new minister has the difficult task of assuming the presidential promise to reverse the unemployment curve, which is indexed on a possible new application in 2017. While the poor figures stack up month after month, she will be responsible for implement the conclusions of the report Combrexelle, an evolution of labor law, which should be submitted to the Prime Minister at the end of September.

If it does not act globally touch 35 hours – the Prime Minister has further reminded La Rochelle – the branch negotiations to modify the conditions or working time could be encouraged. The debate could be complicated in a Socialist Party already on edge. El Khomri must also manage the difficult negotiations with the unions.


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