Obama Announces Gun Control Policies In Washington


On Tuesday, the United States president Mr. Barack Obama has declared new federal instructions on gun selling because that raises gun firing in country.


The sudden guidelines came after the presidential long terms requests for Congress to take action as open gun firing has been rising in America. Mr. Obama has issued order to Bureau of Tobacco, Alcohol, weapons, and Explosives to investigate the background of buyers as well gun retailers.

In his previous year’s presidency, Barack Obama felt weaknesses in security acts as well as political, logistical, and legal problems have strongly affected the plan to overcome the terrorism in United States.

If latest reports are to be believed the new gun control policies will resist the firearms marketing which has been carrying out for years licensed locations as stores and pawnshops.

However, Barack Obama stated in his previous day addressing in a news conference that the about 30,000 United States’ citizens are killed in shooting incidents every year.

The world’s strongest president reduced to tears while saying the words during news conference, said the America has been facing “Gun violence” for years and remained unsuccessful to overcome the situation but now it would be continued if he lost his presidency in future.

The new gun control policies are meant to apply to those who are selling and buying firearms just to get profit and it has not been examining those who are carrying out the selling and buying of these weapons what kind of aim they have.

Nonetheless, according to new measures, the selling of weapons will require the complete information about the gun dealer who should be licensed as well the buyer will also provide the complete information to get. Even, those who are selling firearms in black market, be punished hard if they caught red-handed.


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