Oliver Stone’s ‘Snowden’ 2016 Trailer Is Out: Gordon-Levitt Exposed Government Infringements


The first look of Gordon-Levitt as Edward Snowden risks his life to challenge the complacency shadowy government bureaucrats by smuggling government secrets in modified Rubik’s cube as whistle-blower.


The ‘Snowden’ unveils the actual facts behind NSA leak, the whole movie based on the true story of National Security Agency in which a contractor become whistle-blower and risks his own life to challenge the government.

The thriller movie directed by Oliver Stone as the film is biographical political movie it based on the biography of Edward Snowden who is an American computer professional as well as worked for CIA and another government agency where his disclosure unveiled the global surveillance program.

Snowden is played by Joseph Gordon who seen to join CIA after copying government privacies in his Rubik’s cube, Edward’s supporter boldly reveal that he exposed the government infringements of privacy and now gently living in Russia.

The movie will be in theater in September 2016, Snowden leaked the document after quitting his job in National Security Agency, however the trailer revealed on screen on Wednesday which starts with the failure of Special Forces Applications and shows his excellence work.

The movies starring by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Melissa Leo, Shailene Woodley, Zachary Quinto, Scott Eastwood, Tom Wilkinson, Logan Marshall-Green, Ben Schnetzer, Timothy Olyphant, LaKeith Lee Stanfield, Rhys Ifans and Nicolas Cage.

As the movie production taken under the banner of Open Road films the movie hit on silver screen in North America in September 16, 2016.

Still the truth is not open, Edward Snowden had allegation of being smuggled the government infringements of privacy, as casual viewing of United states citizen, Snowden added to say these thing periodically happened after every two months but the privacy infringements has not been reported, he revealed fact in 2014 in front of Guardian.


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