Once Again The Patel Community Restarts Campaign In India, Clash With Police


In Gujarat the Patel community once again started their campaign to get their rights from Indian state however several community protesters arrested for clashes with Police.


Like all other communities the head of the Patel community Hardek Patel demands their job on quota bases as the other communities had right, Patel community started their protest earlier today for quota jobs in different districts of Gujarat however there are a complete strike today in all across the Gujarat Province.

The clash between Patel community and police occurs when Patel community leader complaint for not having government jobs as well as quota education while on the other hand other communities have their both rights.

The leader also announced to release the Hardek Patel with other Patel community people but after the campaign a huge community of Patel protest in streets in different areas of Gujarat and they also started the demonstration against the government.

Police tried to spread the protester with sticks and also fired tear gases that resulted in badly incident that the Patel community protester badly injured through such kind of Police action however there are several protesters that arrested by the Police.

Though the conditions are not in control the Local administration of Mehsana has imposed a curfew in this city of Gujarat while the mobile phone services have been dispensed in different cities of India that include Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Mehsana and Surat due to the reason that the protester will not contact farther with each others.

The Home Minister Rajnath Singh suggest Gujrat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel to control the conditions in Gujarat, however State Government also took action and decided to deploy four Rapid Action forces to the stressful cities. Therefore, the government demands for 10 Central Reserve Police Force from center to control the badly condition.


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