Pakistan Vs India: PCB Wants To Play Cricket After Giving Permission By Indian Government In 2016


Lahore: Pakistan cricket board also showed positive remarks about series against blue shirts in 2016 if Indian government gave permission of those competitions in any country.


According to a news report, a big planned series between Pakistan and India were not play in last year because both cricket boards did not introduce any logical way for that contest after long official meetings and discussions in presence of special authorities.

Now, Pakistan cricket board desires if Indian government assigned to play cricket in any country then we also ready to play game only for benefit of that international game and for decreasing the differences between these two nations.

After one month, a big tournament ‘Twenty World Cup 2016’ will play in India but firstly blue shirts want to play against Zimbabwe and New Zealand and then all playing countries will come for the purpose of introducing big competitions. Pakistan cricket board continues try for commencement of bilateral series.

However, supporters in both countries much awaiting to see fantastic cricket competitions between these two nations in any venue but any positive signal not see in front of media. Indian government did not give final permission of that series.

The best thing is that if Pakistan will cancel to play cricket world cup in India then many problems occurred for both traditional enemies. May be in future, both countries took better decisions about that game only for benefit of cricket.

If a series between Pakistan and India will play in future then automatically differences also decreased.

PCB also put hard pressure on BCCI who had agreed to play six bilateral series in eight years on different venues but any way out was not discover. In those days, Indian cricket team toured to Australia for a long schedule series and Pakistan toured to New Zealand.


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