Pauly Shore Net Worth: How Rich is Pauly Shore?


Pauly Shore is best known for his comedy roles in many comedy films. His full name is Paul Montgomery “Pauly” Shore. He mostly do standup comedies now. He did a video show on MTV in 1990s. Shore has done less work since late 1990s. Pauly Shore net worth is currently $20 million. He belongs to the family of performers and entertainers. The world renowned Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood is the property of his family. They have been managing it for decades. Born in Hollywood, California both his parents are comedians. His mother, Mitzi is the name behind The Comedy Store. He attended Beverly Hills High School. He saw fame and glory in the 1990s but now his less appearances has dulled his fame and glory.


  • Date of Birth: February 1, 1968
  • Age: 48
  • Profession: actor, comedian, director, writer, producer
  • Spouse: None
  • Children: none

Journey to Stardom:

Pauly’s parents have been in the show business for years so he decided to continue their legacy. When Pauly was seventeen years old, he first debuted with his standup comedy at the Alley Cat Bistro in Culver City. Sam Kinison mentored him and helped him through his career by opening acts for him. He went on a tour with comedy club circuit in which he developed his alter ego personality called “The Weasel”. He became MTV VJ and continued his work on MTV from 1989-1994. Pauly Shore net worth is the result of his appearance in standup comedy shows and films. When he got fame from his MTV stint then he created his own show “Totally Pauly” in which he hosted on MTV’s Spring Break parties which were held annually. He launched his debut video “Lisa,Lisa, the One I Adore” in which he sang a song. In his film career, he debuted with “Encino Man” which went on to do fairly well at the box office. His stint in this movie got him fame due to which he went on to star in other movie like “Son in Law”, “In the Army Now”, “Jury Duty”, Bio-Dome”. His other movies were heavily criticized and the audience could not connect to these films at all. The movies could not earned huge bucks at the box office. His eponymous TV show Pauly could not survive past five episodes as it could not grab the desired ratings. In the late 1990s his career began to decline which ultimately resulted in declining Pauly Shore net worth but he still managed to retain the most part of it by investing and buying different properties.

Trivia about Pauly Shore:

  • In his acts, Shore easily personifies his alter ego personality by speaking in surfer parlance. He cultivates dudespeak slang in his acts in which he uses words as “edged”, “grinding” and “melons” and his famous catchphrase “Hey, BU-DDY”.
  • He made a cameo in the music video of American rock band “Limp Bizkit” whose video titled “N 2 Gether Now”. He played the role of a pizza delivery guy.
  • He guest starred in the song “Break Stuff”.
  • In 2003, he put on the cap of a director, producer, writer and actor in his autobiographical mockumentary “Pauly Shore is Dead”. As this movie got the attention of the viewers therefore it garnered him huge revenues in turn increasing Pauly Shore net worth by a huge margin.
  • In 2005, he made appearance in the mini reality TV series “Minding the Store”.
  • In 2009, he appeared in the film “Adopted” in which he played himself and its story revolved around him travelling to Africa to adopt a child.
  • Pauly Shore net worth of $20 million comes from his stints in short subject films and standup comedy shows. He also starred in the MTV pilot show called “The Shores”.
  • In 2012, he released a rap song endorsing President Obama election campaign.


  • Won a Razzie award under the category of “Worst New Star of the Decade” in the year 2000.
  • Won Razzie awards for “worst Actor” in the year 1993, 1996 and 1997.
  • Won an Audience Choice award for his film “Pauly Shore is Dead” in the Slamdunk Film Festival. This movie upped Pauly Shore net worth by a great margin.

Personal Life:

Pauly’s parents are renowned comedians and runs a Comedy Store where who’s who of comedy circle gets a chance to improve their metal as a comedian. He is fond of Range Rovers and drives around in one. His car costs $120,000. Pauly owns a couple of houses in Los Angeles. He mostly resides in his Hollywood Mansion which is worth $6 million. He mostly films reality shows and hosts pool parties in his house where his close friends and friends from comedy circles are invited. Pauly Shore net worth can be estimated given the amount of property he possesses around the States. He has won many Razzie awards for his poor acting career. Razzies are famous for nominating the worst performances of the year. He was raised under Jewish faith. He has included many Obama related jokes in his gigs and people enjoy his standup comedy. He has released comedy albums under his name and can be frequently seen on David Letterman show, Howard Stern and Craig Killborn shows. He has sold out comedy shows throughout the United States. He made headlines at the Montreal Comedy Festival. These are the reasons which is why Pauly Shore net worth never fades away.



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