Philippine shutting down Boracay, the tourist island for six months


Philippine government has made news about shutting down the Boracay Island, the main tourist attraction of the country for six months. The reason is the cleaning of the heaps of garbage that were now endangering the shores of the islands.

Philippine shutting down Boracay, the tourist island for six months

The shutdown of the island will be made from April 26th. Announcement was made by president to Philippine’s spokesperson Harry Roque on orders from President Rodrigo Duterte.

His island makes up 20 percent of the total tourist revenue of the whole country and will remain closed shut until the cleaning is made complete.

Roque also told reporters that, Boracay is indeed the heaven piece of our country and its cleaning and temporary shut down for this cause will ensure that our future generations will also be able to enjoy its beauty.

The reporter of Al Jazeera, Jamela Alindogan who was reporting straight from the capital of Philippine said that this shut down will affect the lives of at least 15000 workers living on the island. She also said that, “during this six month closure there is no guarantee as to whether there will be a job or a business to return to”.

Many of the environmentalists have praised this act by Philippine’s president.

Philippine shutting down Boracay, the tourist island for six months

Boracay became the news of the travel magazines back in 2010 and has been ever since one of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world. In 2017 alone, 2 million tourists visited the island.

Although tourist brought jobs and business for the island but at the same time they also placed strain on island waters by improper garbage disposal systems and sewerage systems.

President Duterte visited the island back in February and after seeing the environmental violations he declared the island as a Cesspool. He said, as long as there is shit coming out of those pipes I am never going to let anyone set foot on that island.

The island has around 500 different tourism businesses which drew out almost 1.07billion dollars annually in revenue.


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