Polish Man Raped Woman While Filming It To His Phone And Jailed


Birmingham: A man broke in to the house of woman for filmed himself raping with woman but he is caught and got jail for about 13 and half years as man is from Poland who attack on the women for rape filming.


As on 6th of July of this year, a Poland man broke into the house of woman and attack on her for the sack of rape, this 30 years old man was drunk on high stage we he caught by the police for attacking on women for sex as women is from Birmingham. This man mad the recording of whole incident and use Bleach bucket to remove all evidences against him.

Local court heard the case that how a woman was sleeping then she hears noise of a person when she opened her eyes that this person coming near to her. She was want to shout but this man grabbed her hairs and sprayed her face by pepper spray, then she dragged woman by her hairs into kitchen and threatened to kill her by asking her of performing sex with her.

Then he also tried to rape her and also threatened that if she would go to police then he must rape her again and also kills her in this regard. Investigation office investigate this case and also find Pepper spray from the crime scenes, they further explained that the culprit made two video clips of this whole incident.

This man jailed by the Crown Court of Birmingham on his admitting rape, sexual assault, attempting rape with many other serious sexual offences therefore he received jail for about 13 and half years. The judge further explained that the woman is still in fear that the man will return and killed her.


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