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Privacy Policy

TheMeshNews is keen to personal information of its visitors and enrolled its privacy policy by analyzing all aspects and contexts that may be considered unscrupulous and unethical. The information that has been collected with or without willingness of visitors can be categorized under as:
Direct Information
The personal or public information that has been submitted by visitors itself directly on website by commenting on some post or contact us section can be stated as direct information which has collected with compliance.
Indirect Information
It relates to those information that automatically extracted when someone visit the website including behavior, conducts and visitors activities on website. TheMeshNews is really concerned to its visitor’s privacy so it would be clear that IP address and some information which relates to Google would be gathered.
How We Collect Information
The information is being collected directly or indirectly as discussed above as if someone want to authorize us to use his public profile by commenting through social profile while indirect information didn’t include something personal but only IP address and patterns of visitors to better respond to the person in future.
What Information We Collect
TheMeshNews server only gather personal information including name and address which has been willingly provide by visitor itself, the information that became the history and can help server to use in future when same person respond on website. All other information including email and public profile on social networking sites collected after authorization.
Point to Be Noted
Here our respected visitors have clarity about the advertisement partner that privacy policy would be or would not be same as TheMeshNews, when visitor click on advertisement and move to website of advertiser would be careful about the privacy policy of relevant website because the quit the page visited on TheMeshNews.