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Protest Movement Getting Stronger In Milwaukee After Police Killed A Black Man

MILWAUKEE: the situation in Milwaukee city in Wisconsin State and this is suffering from chaos condition as the protest is going on and situation getting worst when a black man killed by an officer.
The protest is going on from 2 days and protest members are destroying each and every thing till now they have blew up petrol pumps many cars are set on fire many business points are completely destroyed and still the destruction is going on.
On the other side police is trying it level best to stop this protest and in this protest many clashes takes place between police and protest members on different place in these clashes police many protest members as well as the police officers are injured badly.
Police is firing on the protest members to stop them also strike with sticks but on the other side the protest members are fighting back by throwing stones and bottles on the police officers and police is using armed vehicle to pick up the injured persons.
When police is picking the injured persons a group of 150 peoples appears in front of the police and again a clash set between these two opposite forces during this clash a 23 years old black man Sylville Smith is killed by a police officers and this murder make the protest members furious.
According to the Police chief Edward Flynn police have the whole footage of the incident as a camera is fit in the uniform of every police officer and this 23 years old guy is armed with a gun.
when police officer asked him to drop the weapon than he pointed that weapon towards him and that was clear in the footage in result to save himself police officer killed that man.

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