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Rebels Attack On Turkish Military In Ordu, 4 Military Soldiers Killed

ANKARA: in dispute between Turkish Forces and Rebellions 4 Turkish Soldiers lost their lives while performing their duties and 6 soldiers are injured not even a single rebel is injured or killed.
Turkish Forces are performing operation to remove these rebels from the country and this operation cost a lot of lives on Turkey now on daily bases may soldiers rebels including some of the civilians are killed this is a very hard situation for turkey.
During the operation in Ordu when Turkish soldiers are finding the rebels to kill them than rebels appear in front of these soldiers and don’t give them a single moment to get ready and face these rebels so in result of this delay 3 soldiers lost their live while serving the country.
Including these 3 dead soldiers no one is injured and rebels run away on the other side in Hickory province once again rebels charge and attack on a military group in this attack 1 solder is dead and 6 are injured badly and two of these injured soldiers are not in a state to fight from death.
Hickory Province is clearly on the hit list of Rebels as there is a big military base on which rebels want to take over and make their own leadership there yesterday 3 groups of rebels attack on this same Military Base but those rebels lost their lives.
After the failed rebellion attack of rebels, rebels are trying their best to destroy the turkey and their main target is to hit the Turkish democracy but after and after turkey shows that its democracy is very strong.
it’s not going to be break with these little attack but rebels are continuously trying hard to hit and destroy turkey but failed every time and whole credit goes to the Turkish Military to save the Turkish Democracy.

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