Rihanna and Prince Harry celebrated independence of Barbados



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Prince Harry joined the nationwide celebrations scoring the 50th Barbados’ independence anniversary and shared stage in the company of Rihanna to start a stunning concert.

Barbados-born singer Rihanna and Harry were applauded by thousands as dance, music night and song started to celebrate 30th of November 1966 when Caribbean country got their independence from British ruling to create its own fortune.

Harry read a support message from Queen, at the point of Toast the Nation occasion, with the Queen saying Barbados since independence had “continued to prosper and develop into a confident and strong nation”.


And Harry contained his individual message of support for the nation, influencing its youth to deal with matters like climate shift, which is impacting West Indies, and build up ways of handling with transformations technology will fetch.

He said to the crowd of concert at Oval cricket ground of Kensington in capital Bridgetown: “Your freedom was an announcement of self-assurance in future.

All through the starting of the concert Rihanna and Harry sat beside each other on the stage in the company of Fruendel Stuart, the Prime Minister and Maxine McClean, his foreign affairs and foreign trade minister.

The Prince stated: “Like further young people all around the world, the young citizens of Barbados must fight challenges.

“You gaze in the future and guess how technology will transform your lives. You speculate how you will get hold of the resources and skills to contend in a quickly varying world. And I discern that you are concerned concerning the impact climate transform will have on nations of island like yours.

“What I speak to you is this: the answers to these confronts will not arrive from anybody else. The answers have to appear from you. Good things come about to good people; trust you can craft change; and if you go ahead by example, others will go behind.”


The prime minister in addition talked and when he greeted Harry to the festivity there was an applaud from the mass and a number of who started chanting his name which created simile of the face of the Royal one.

However when he talked about their superstar, “Robyn Rihanna Fenty” famously known as Rihanna there was an even larger reaction and the she smiled to herself on the responce.

Harry is on a 15 day visit of Caribbean, brought on Jamilla Sealy to the stage, which is a Bajan environmentalist, and stated, to applause from the crowd, she had been selected among the Young Leaders for 2017 of Queen.

He said to the spectators: “She has been chosen as among the 60 extraordinary young people from transversely the Commonwealth who are creating an astonishing impact in the other’s lives.

“She will go to London upcoming year to make associations with her peers from all over the globe and to be honored at Buckingham Palace by Her Majesty. I identify that we will be attending to plenty more regarding her in the forthcoming years.”



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