Road Accident In Saudi Arab Between Bus And Truck, 15 People Died 60 Injured


A road accident was occur in Saudi Arab’s capital Riyadh in this road accident a bus and a truck was involved in the result of this accident 15 people has lost their lives and 60 people were injured.


This horrible road accident takes place on a road between Riyadh and Al-Qassim on Monday morning and the cause of this accident was caused due to high speed of both vehicles.

it was said that both of these vehicles are coming from the opposite and the driver of that bus tries to overtake a car in his and in this concern the bus driver went on the line of truck driver when these both drivers observe that they are going to crash than they applied breaks.

But it was too late and in the result of this rule breaking of traffic both vehicles collapse with each other.

In result of this accident both the vehicles turned turtle and the bus was set on fire due to fire all most all the bus was burned and 15 passengers of that bus was died on the spot and other 60 passengers were injured badly.

When people call the rescue service the rescue was done by helicopters and the 5 injured passengers were in critical condition and sent to the nearest hospital with helicopter and some of the passengers who were not in serious condition were treated on the spot.

Al-Moreibedh was not telling the real reason behind the accident and also not discloses the identities of dead people and not even tells the reason that why they are doing it, it seems like that there is agreat mystery behind this accident.

Minister of health in Saudi Arab says that roads accidents occur in Saudi Arab on daily bases and roundabout 17 people died in these accidents daily.


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