Russia Sends Missile System To Its Naval Base In Syrian Port Of Tartus


The Russian government sends advanced missile system to its naval base in Syrian’s port of Tartus on Tuesday as the rife between super power Russia and United States deepens over the five year conflict.


Russian government has confirmed on Tuesday it has sent advanced missile system on Syrian’s port of Tartus because rising tension between United States and Russia over five years conflict has riffed clash more deepen.

The announcement came after tension between Moscow and Washington has escalated over the five years conflict when Washington openly announced it is suspending their talks with Moscow, aimed to revive a ceasefire deal over the support of Russian’s government for the regime of the President of Syria.

The offensive move came amid the escalating tensions with West however, United States and Russia joint for a table talk to impress Russia to co-ordinate the airstrikes against the Jihadist groups.

The United Nation rights Chief has called to halt the action of “ghastly avalanche of violence” that unfolded in the second city of Syrian’s regime.

Latter, the government that refused the allegation of being hit the Syrian’s hospital which was carried out by multiple insurgents, confirmed it has sent its S-300 missile that is purely for the defensive purpose on its naval base in Syrian’s port of Tartus.

The personnel Maj-Gen Konashenkov said, the S-300 missile that has deployed by Russian’s military is purely for the defensive purpose as well as the whole system is for only defensive case and no one has to threaten from them.

The Russian although sent defensive system in Syrian’s port of Tartus but the major cause behind the scene is the rife in five years conflict with United States for eradicating the Jihadists group from Syrian.


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