Salman Khan might not get his bail tomorrow too


Salman Khan, who has been involved in Blackbuck poaching case, has now become the talk of India and Pakistan. Since the start of this case’s recent proceedings in Jodhpur Court, fans and critics of Salman Khan have flooded the social media with their various comments and opinions. Salman khan The Dabbang Khan has spent a night in ordinary jail like an ordinary prisoner and details of it has already gone viral.

Salman Khan might not get his bail tomorrow too

Although everyone was thinking that after his plea on case and his lawyer asking for a bail on Slam’s behalf, he would get out of jail today, but it seems like he will not get the bail, as the decision has been postponed by judge. Salman is likely to spend another night in the jail and might not even receive his bail today.

News 18 reporters stated that, Salman bail has not been reserved for Saturday. Proceedings will only start in the morning and judge will go through the documents. After that Defense and Prosecution will argue after which the final decision of bail will be made. This will definitely increase chances of Salman spending two nights in a row inside jail.

Among all this, many Bollywood celebs have gone all out to show their supports by sending their love and best wishes to 52 years old actor. Some of the major Celebs include movie star Varun Dahavan, famous actress Rani Mukherji, TV Stars Bandagi Kalra and Shilpa Shinde.

In recent news, Salman’s close personal friend and one of major celebs, Pretty Zinta even came to Jodhpur herself to meet Salman and support his family.

Salman is saying in the same jail where other major convicts like Asaram Babu, Shanbhulal Regar, Vishnoi and Malkhan Singh are spending their sentence.


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