Published On: Wed, Jun 29th, 2016

Salman Khan Response On The Notice By Women On Raped Women Statement


Salman Khan responds on the notice which is given to him by National Commission for Women on his statement of raped women but he did not apologize for his statement of raped women.


The statement of raped women given by Salman Khan is much highlighted as in this statement Salman Khan did not point out any lady and also don’t even point out any organization but his statement got lime light.


After this statement chairperson of National Commission for Women Lalitha Kumaramangalam said that Salman Khan has to feel guilty on his statement as this statement hurts many hearts many women who suffered from rape are in mental stress after hearing this statement.

In the notice given by National Commission for Women Lalitha Kumaramangalam demands an apology on this statement but Salman Khan just responds on this statement did not apologize and did not full fill the condition that Salman Khan has to apologize within 7 days.

According to some sources it is confirmed that Salman Khan did not apologize for his statement and he has not planned to even apologize.

Salman Khan is caught in the statement which he gives on the promotion ceremony of Sultan when Salman Khan is talking about the shooting of wrestling scenes Salman Khan responds that in the film you see a fighting stunt for 3 or 4 times.

but in the shooting we have to lift that 120 kilograms man for several times in different angles than the best shoot was chosen after this hectic shooting of 6 hours.

when I walk out from that wrestling I was unable to even pick my foots and when I walk out I feels like that raped women. This is the whole statement given by Salman Khan.