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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Latest Features, Iris Scanner, Folder Security, HBR Display, Release Date

Now Samsung is going to introduce its latest creation which is Samsung Galaxy Note 7 this 7 represents the success of Samsung Company in the field of technology basically this 7 shows the generation of Samsung Company from last few years Samsung is launch one after another generations every year to full fill the demands of users as well as to get more costumers.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is one of the most gigantic sized smart phones the size of this mobile is 5.7 inches and it is very difficult to carry this phone every where this phone don’t fits in the pocket of user so this Note is might be used as Table of phablet and the features going to introduces in this 7th generation Not are magnificent.
Samsung improves the quality of S Pen as this time the pen which is going to be introduce is twice sensitive as well as its diameter is also reduce for better performance now the tip size of S Pen is 0.7 mm to 1.6 mm.
Samsung also put great focus on the security of personal contents of the user as the technology is getting advanced on the other side the hacking tricks are also advanced so the company is going to introduce the Iris scanner to because it is unable to hack the iris scanner because every person is gifted with its specific iris so now Not 7 is unlocked by scanning the iris of user.
Samsung puts a lot of attention on security because it wants to compete the security level of iPhone so in Note 7 company is providing the security option on every folder as well as on every application even the camera is locked.
After security Samsung is introducing the HDR display so the user while watching the video deeply involves in that because the result of screen is just indescribable and user feels that the whole scene is performing in front of him, along with these features Company Improves the quality of headphone socket introducing charging head as well as GIFS option.

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