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Samsung's New Android Browser Enable Ad Blocking Support

The latest version of web browser introduced by Samsung Company in which new android cell phones have ability to block all irrelevant ads and commercials from operating system.
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According to latest tech news report, Samsung Company introduced further giant version of web browser in upcoming Android cell phones who can block ads because many users did not want to see these commercials, jealous of iPhone users excited about using new add blocking browser app.
The best thing is that new ads blocking facility gave by Company only compatible Android devices like Marshmallow.
Maker of that hottest app also see toward upcoming popularity because when that ad blocking functionally with iOS highly ranked by internet but now, Samsung mentioned about use of that app along with internet app not for Google chrome app.
First time, Samsung released an air update about ad blocking in Android 5.0 users making it fast and reliable. Company tried to reduce the capability of Apple iPhones but that will be proved by consumers in upcoming days.New department of Samsung about apps extension made possible to launch that latest web browser in Android cell phones.
Today, everyone want to get developed data on internet by consuming less time but only Samsung Company introduced giant version of ad blocking app for his consumers in 5.0 Android phones.Ad blocking apps also ranked highly in whole world but variety of that app only made by Samsung.
Upcoming brave browser who has power of blocking all unnecessary ads during working or searches by showing beta services for consumers.
That’s still a substantial potential for Samsung users because Company take another high step toward technology.
Many consumers did not happy about using internet on mobile phones but now might be they enjoyed new version ofads blocker that make speed and reliability.

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