Saudi Arabia Executes Prince Al-Kabeer Convicted In Fatal Shooting


The member of Saudi Arabia’s Prince Family executed on Tuesday for being convicted in fatal shooting which carried out the murder of another man during a brawl however, the execution of a prince happened first time in four decades.


Prince Turki bin Saud Al-Kabeer who was a member of Royal Saudi’s Family put to death in Riyadh over murder of another man in Fatal Shooting during brawl.

The case was reported by Kingdom’s government on Tuesday when the execution Royal Family member hanged to death since 1977. But the detail of method used still not leaked although most of death penalties in Saudi Kingdom are carried out by beheading in public place.

The news was reported by Saudi State News Agency and the rare event in Saudi Government rocketed around the whole countries social media networks.

The matter over the Kingdom beheading of Prince is the much talked topic as they arguing they never ever imagined such a thing happens while some of the people argued about the quality of their Kingdom’s justice.

The laws of Saudi Government were purely based on Shariah Law that have often faced the criticism of Human Rights Group but the Kingdom stick with Shariah Laws that ordered for same punishment for a Prince.

According to the reports, Prince Turki bin Saud Al-Kabeer was pleaded guilty in the murder of Adel bin Sulaiman Al-Mihaimeed who was killed in a fatal shooting after a group quarrel.

There also reported about the injured person as well, although the Interior Ministry not released details why and when the victim carried out to death.

There is not too much reports about the case but a news report in 2014 claimed the Capital city Riyadh ordered to execute the prince.


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