Saudi Coalition Jet Planes Strike in Yemen, 17 Al-Qaeda’s Militant killed


Aden: Yemen Coastal city vibrated with harsh air striking made by Saudi alliance aircraft’s in which almost 17 Al-Qaeda’s fighters killed on the spot these were got secret position for introducing aggression against forces.


According to foreign news report, Saudi fighter planes also taking part in battle against ISIS & Al-Qaeda’s militants in Yemen or other debased countries in result of last strike in Aden almost 17 terrorists killed on the spot that is also a big success because two senior commanders also executed by troops but any local citizen did not depart in result of bombings.

Early in the morning, planes aimed to a strong hold district held in coastal city named Aden which has witnessed numerous attacks on local security head quarters in result of those attacks mostly officials lost their breaths.

but now, terrorists faced end of its aggression because Saudi fighter planes killed most demanded 17 militants on the spot.

Many Muslim countries like Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq are facing trouble of civil war between ISIS killers and American or NATO forces in which thousands people killed and mostly people transferred to other countries for searching peaceful environment for the safety of their families.

Now, Saudi Arabia also took part in that fight for recovery of state for the last one year along and gets good response in killing of militants.

In result of Saudi fighter planes bombings, almost 20 local civilian wounded but 17 Al-Qaeda’s militants killed on the spot in few seconds’ activity now, Yemen 3rd biggest city rattled with explosions but that is only for peaceful purposes.

Recently, a big fight occurred on nearly borders of Iraq in which 45 freedom fighters killed by Russian army or other cooperated forces because ISIS militants want to get whole control of Muslim countries for negative uses.


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