Series Of Suicide Bomb Attacks Hit Syria, 38 People Killed, Russia’s Tartus Naval Base Targeted


A series of bomb blasts takes place in the different portions of Syria in result of these several attacks 38 people are killed and many other are injured these attacks also effect the Russian Naval base.


Two suicides bombs attack takes place in the port city of Syria which really effect the land of Syria there is an estimate that one of these two attacks is a Suicide attack to kill maximum amount of people these attack effects the trading portion of Syria.

The latest pictures and videos of blast uploaded on social media shows that a massive amount of smoke is raising from the side of al-Mazunah Bridge and this is that bridge which link Tartarus Russian Naval Base which is the largest facility of Navy of Russian in the worm water region of Mediterranean Sea.

In result of this twin blast 30 people have lost their lives and many other are injured till now the number of injured people is not specified.

Besides this twin attack two more attacks takes place in the same region by using a car but in these 2 car bomb attack not even a single person is killed after this attack when crowd was gathered there a person was entered into the crowd and blew him up in result of this suicide attack 2 persons are killed.

After that another report of twin blast is registered from the city of Homs in result of this blast 2 civilians 4 military soldiers are killed and 7 civilians are injured which are now under treatment in hospital.

Till now not even a single organization of terrorists have claim the report of Blast or accept the responsibility but the rumors are that ISIS is behind all these attacks as every time this same organization target Syria.


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