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Several Bomb Blasts Take Place In Thailand, 4 People Killed 20 Injured

Wave of multiple bomb blasts and explosions takes place in the southern portion of Thailand on Friday these attacks spread a wave of fear and terror in the whole piece of land 4 persons are killed in these series of attack and 20 are injured.
Now a day’s Thailand is full of tourists as it is world famous tourist destination and in summer it is the ideal place for people to spend their vacations and till now most of the people are in Thailand and enjoying their vacations.
The Friday is one of the busiest day at Thailand as these is a national Holiday on Friday because whole Thailand celebrates the birthday of Queen Sirikit and whole Thailand is crowded with people as every tourist want to enjoy each and every moment which he spends in Thailand along with the tourist the common public is also enjoy this Holiday.
But at that time a streak of bomb blast is started and first two blasts takes place in a busy street of Hua Hin which is crowed wt tourists and then most of the explosives are occurred in the Bangkok and one of the blast take place in Patong beach and one of the blast takes place in the resort restaurant of Phuket.
As a whole 11 bomb blasts takes place in Thai Land in these bomb Blast 4 people are killed and 20 are injured these 20 injured contain 11 foreigners and these 11 injured tourists belong from Germany and 2 of them are from Italy and one is from Australia.
After that Australia and Britain request its tourists to avoid those places which are crowded with people as there are chances that more Blasts will take place here.

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