What does sex feel like for a girl? A mystery yet to be solved

What does sex feel like for a girl
What does sex feel like for a girl

There is no confusion in it that sex feels great and all of us feel pleasure while having a sex. But the question here now is what does sex feel like for a girl? Answering this isn’t so easy as every girl has its own level of satisfaction and way of pleasuring but keeping the things common one can say that every girl enjoys sex but again there is an assumption that it is dependent on their partner that how they treat them while having sex and after sex. Some girls so easy to handle during sex but other are difficult to control and they need more time to release their organism may be they take more time than their male partner. Mostly men ask this question to their girls that how they felt while having sex and the answer depends on the chemistry of the couple.

While it’s actual that nobody, paying little respect to sexual orientation, will encounter precisely the same delight or levels of sensation felt while peaking, despite everything you’d be unable to discover any individual who thinks a climax isn’t so amazing. Things being what they are, what does sex feel like for a lady?

Emotional Attachment with Sex

Just for a second leave thinking about the physical pleasure and benefits of sex that it provides to you. We have witnessed it from many girls that they love having sex with the partner they love most because it gives them pleasure and refreshes their mood. Means they are more inclined towards sex when they feel depress because they feel it works as antidepressant for them.

What does sex actually feel like for a girl?

Sex is great either it is for girl or a boy both enjoys the same level of satisfaction and pleasure when there are near to ejaculation of climax. But how much it is great exactly? This can be known from the warm water coming out of vagina, waves of pleasure on skin, sweating on the whole body, long breaths, deeper penetrations and body scraping and screaming. These are the few of the symptoms that tells you how much your girl is involved in sex and how much she is enjoying it with you. We have explored few of the methods which a girl likes to have in every sexual contact she does with her partner.

1. Kissing

Kissing is a basic thing to the start of a sexual interaction and every girl likes to have a partner who is a heavy kisser. The reason behind this is kissing stimulates the sexual desires in your body and increases your sexual desires by increasing the blood flow level of your body and long breaths. The brains send multiple signals to the body and the vagina becomes wet in result and works as a natural lubricant.

2. Entering in the Vagina

For a girl, there are no other feelings in the world that a penis entering the vagina can give her but it is again dependent on the right way of entering and doing it inside because only right way can give a girl a correct organism. For women it is just like an electricity shock th.at is running in her body. Movement of the penis inside the vagina makes it more wetter and tighter and the walls of the vagina creates more sensation. When the woman is about to discharge she feels like she is drunk and an intense pleasuring wave is moved in her whole body.

3. Oral Sex

Oral sex is very helpful for a girl in giving her a easy and quick orgasm. Mostly of the girls are never ejaculated until her partner wont gives her oral sex near her vagina.  For girls oral sex is much more pleasuring and relaxing compared to any other sort of sex. Oral sex is so intense that in stimulation that girls become very hot and when they are about to come they may stops you for a moment.

4. Self-pleasuring

When you don’t have a partner then there is only option left for you and it is self-pleasuring. Self-pleasuring is equally common in boys and girls with the name of masturbation. Mostly of the girls don’t enter finger inside their vagina in order to give them orgasm but they move their fingers on the top of the vagina this gives them immense pleasure and peeing like feeling. But many girls enter the fingers inside their vagina and believe in deep penetration.

5. Anal sex

Few girls are more inclined towards anal insertion and they love it more before having orgasm. Women like to feel pain while having sex and this is the right point from where the extreme level of pain can be felt. But one should never experience it without lubricating the vagina because it will not give stimulation.  Anal sex should never be done without touching the vagina with one hand because girls won’t like having sex without touching vagina.

6. After sex feelings

Girls are capable of having orgasm many times during a single session but it depends on the time length and intensity level of a girl that how much times it takes for a single orgasm. But girls need a moment of pause after having an orgasm she can’t give orgasm right after the first one, a little pause is helpful in giving your girl a second orgasm quicker.


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