Slovak PM Robert Fico Wins Election Without Getting Majority


Leader of Smer party and Prime Minister Robert Fico takes good victory in 2016 election but fails to get maximum support of public and faced tough task during voting process.


According to a news report, election process completed in Slovakia and big option like anti-migrant PM Robert Fico and his party gets victory over other parties but they lost the wish of getting majority support of people because he won the parliamentary elections but faced little complexity in making new government along with opposition parties.

After winning the election on Sunday, Robert Fico gave a statement in front of media in which he said that I shall try to make a suitable government for getting maximum output in trade and other process but I has demanded not less time because that is not easy to establish a new state.

Robert Fico also made big bid in shape of giving some welfare packages to public in which free train services for students and old poor people and accepting the rights of refugees who want to start new life with strong determination. Slovakian PM also made disputes during agreement of EU related to flooded people Syria and other regions while entering in Greece.

During 2016 elections in Slovakia, a surprised anti-immigration party of famous trader Boris Kollar also wins the 5 percent seats in national assembly for introducing few new faces in development of country.

After getting the actual results of election anti-migrant Prime Minister Robert Fico reached party headquarter and gave congratulation to all workers and supporters.

Governor Marian Kotleba also showed good progress in voting and got 8.2 votes rejected the up to three times opinion market researches predicted in front of public near in future, Prime Minister will be announce all rules and regulations in front of winners during big dialogue held in parliament.


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