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Small Plane Crash Takes Place Near Virginia Airport, 6 People Killed

FREDERICKSBURG: 6 peoples are killed in a small aero plane crash near a suburban at Washington airport that small plane was crashed into the forest and completely destroyed.
At 12:30 PM ET in a regular small plane is trying to land in the Shannon Airport which is about at the distance of 50 miles from the south west district of Columbia when this plain is trying to land on a runway than this small plain come near to the runway that immediately the pilot of plain lifted the plain back up in air.
And at that moment this plane is very close to the ground and stuck into the tree line near the runway and at that time pilot cannot control the plain and this small plane crashed into the wood and immediately caught on fire.
After that police in an instant appears on the scene and a spokesperson of Fredericksburg Police Corrine Geller said in its email that it struck the tree line, crashed and immediately caught fire.
After that the dead bodies of 6 dead people are transferred into chief medical examiner’s office in Richmond for the further examination of dead bodies now the investigation team is trying to identify the dead persons.
Tanya Aquino a citizen of Washington said that she was on the train and train crosses near from the crash place and the conductor of plain said that fire and after that they take a closer look and came to that there is plane set which is set on fire.
Tanya Aquino said that it was a very hot day and when she first hear that fire she assume that it was a normal wood fire in the forest but when she take a closer look she was shocked that a plane is crashed here.

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