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Spokesman Of PM Malcolm Turnbull Saysno Date Confirmed For Australia's Same Sex Marriage Vote

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s spokesman told to media that the date of Election for Same sex marriage is delayed for a while by the Australian Election Commission and might be elections held in 2017.
The LGBTQ society in Australia is badly waiting for the election of same sex marriage as there is a huge amount of LGBTQ society is situated in Australia and the want equal rights of marriage like other people have right to got married with a person of opposite sex.
LGBTQ stands for
L= Lesbian
G= Gay
B= Bisexual
T= Transgender
Q= Questioning or Queer
The members of this community are those who found attraction in same sex or don’t feels comfortable in the company of opposite sex as these people lack feelings of to do sex with a person of opposite gender and the extremist in this community are not agreed with their own sex so they change their sex through medical ways.
Now the demand of these people is that they wants equal right to do marriage with that person whom they loved a lot and no matter that these love birds exist with same gender or something else.
This matter really got such attention so the government of Australia decided to set an election to get public opinion that the public agreed with this law or not and according to the Election Commission of Australia this bill will pass through on the base of public votes.
In the party room meeting at 13 September a final date will be decided as on the other side a special minister of Australian State strongly recommend that there is no possibility that we place this election in the calendar of 2016 so these elections might be held in February 2017.

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