Steven Spielberg confirms the news for sequel of Adventures of Tintin



The world renowned filmmaker Steven Spielberg has confirmed the news for the sequel of movie “The adventures of Tintin” and that it is in work.

Steven Spielberg confirms the news for sequel of Adventures of Tintin

However no release date has been given. 71 years old Steven Spielberg took charge of first movie The Adventures of Tintin back in 2011, which was a major hit. The second installment for the series is under directorial duties of Peter Jackson.

Since the time of first movie there was no news for any upcoming sequel but recently Steven Spielberg himself has said in an interview that “Jackson has to do he second part”. Spielberg further went on to say to interviewers of a French magazine, Premiere.

“Jackson has to do work on second part. If all of this goes well, he will work fast on script firstly and the animation work will at least take two years of his time. People should not expect to see the sequel before three years. However “Tintin is not dead” Peter will definitely make this film happen.

The movie Adventure of Tintin is based on the comic book adaptation with the same name “The adventures of Tintin” which was created in 1929 by a cartoonist named Georges Remi. Comic is amongst one of the popular one till today and the adventurer character named Tintin is also amongst one of the famous beloved comic characters.

The movie was hit on box office and got praise from not only audience but from movie critics as well. The movie received a rating of 74 % on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics were on the consensus to this appraisal that “the movie followed the classic theme of raiders of the lost ark and that Steven Spielberg has once again produced a high spirited thriller adventure in the form of Tintin. Production group included Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson and Kathleen Kennedy.

Peter Jackson is known for his film series Lord of the Rings and was supposed to work on Tintin sequel after finishing the “The Hobbit” film series.

The Tintin sequel was delayed due o it being running into some major developmental problems. However the sequel is still no abandoned at the moment and fans can rest assure.


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