Strong Earthquake Knocks Out Power In Western Japan, 7 Injured


A most powerful earthquake strike Western Japan that knocked out the toppled shelves of stores, loose roof tiles and caused strong outages, but there is nothing but no serious damage, at least seven people injured in which one is in critical condition.


According to the Meteorological Agency of Japan, strong earthquake strike in the western part of the country, they further explained that the 6.6 scale quake occurred in Tottori, a territory on the Sea of Japan about 700 kilometers west of capital city Tokyo.

The epicenter of the earthquake was the shallow depth about 11 kilometers and according to analysts shallow quake has always more potential of causing more damage but the earthquake on Friday caused no more damage or minor damage.

In the whole incident, no more than two housed collapsed totally and tiles on the roofs of the houses knocked out and wine bottles also scattered on the grounds of the store, according to the further details that more than 32,000 houses caused temporary blackouts as a result of earthquake.

The meteorological agency of Japan said there was no risk of a tsunami from the interior temblor, so it is asked by the authority that about 7 people injured in which one is in injured condition because that woman also got some kind of injury by the splash of oil.

According to the authority that this may be proved to be dangerous kind of natural disaster but there is nothing but 7 injured and no report of any death caused by this serious earthquake but good news for the citizens and country is that there is no danger and risk of tsunami, Roofing tiles fallen from of a house are sprinkled following an earthquake in Tottori, Kurayoshi, in western part of the Japan.


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