Suicide Attack on Shia Mosque in Eastern Saudi Arabia, 4 dead 18 Injured


Riyadh: Terrorists made bombings and shooting on a Shia Mosque held in eastern Saudi Arabia during Friday’s prayer in which almost 4 people dead on the spot and 18 got serious injuries.


According to a foreign news portal, last day in Saudi Arabia, when people were busy in praying Friday prayer in Shia Mosque a suicide bomb and shooting attack occurred on worshipers in which 4 dead on the spot and 18 faced harsh wounds and shifted to nearly hospital for better treatment.

Residential people told that Mosque also belonged to minority Shia group of people. Witnesses told that two bombers entered in that place by using main doorway when security want to stop then one attacker showed response in shape of blowing and other Terrorist introduced harsh firing and dead 4 innocents but that was arrested by authorities.

For last three months in Saudi Arabia, ISIS and other militant groups increase troubles and attacks on worship places in which almost 50 people have been dead till now. Recently, Saudi’s Government hang over 47 prisoners in result of little bit involvement in terror activities.

A man at the scene told Suicide explosion happened outside the mosque at the courtyard then one machine gunman opened fire on worshipers and dead 4 people and 18 got serious wounds.

Now, security also increased in whole country on all Mosques for decreasing the ratio of attacks. Royal authorities told in front of media, any militant group did not take the responsibility of that attack on worship place.

The best thing is that three attacks occurred in last year on Mosques in which many people departed from that life. Earlier of this month one famous prominent Shia personality named Nimr-al-Nimr executed who has blamed to increase terror in Saudi regions along with ISIS and Al-Qaeda.


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