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Suicide Bomb Attack In Civil Hospital Quetta, Pakistan More Than 100 People Killed Dozens Were Injured

QUETTA: Pakistan again targeted by the terrorists this time terrorists targeted at Civil Hospital situated in Quetta this attack take more than 100 lives and dozens of people are injured this suicide attack takes place on Monday morning.
Monday is one of the worst days in the history of terrorism spread in Pakistan this time the attackers selected Quetta in Balochistan as their play ground and targeted one of the biggest health care centres in Quetta which is Civil Hospital.
The responsibility of this huge attack is claimed by the two of the world biggest terrorist organizations Jamaat –ul- Ahrar (JuA) and Tehreek -i- Taliban (TTP) and this time these organizations hits the Lawyers community in Quetta and the attack done through proper planning.
On Monday morning the President of Balochistan Bar Association advocate Bilal Kasi is targeted by unknown persons on Huda Mano Jan road that person fires bullets on his car as well as he was also severely injured and immediately taken to the Civil Hospital of Quetta.
Advocate Bilal Kasi is very high profile personality as the breaking news of Bilal Kasi is released all the lawyers and may other members of Balochistan Bar Association reached to the hospital along with them huge amount of Media was also there to cover the whole scene.
But the death of Bilal Kasi is not enough than a terrorist entered into the crowd and blew himself along with this terrorist more than 100 peoples are injured and dozens are injured this attack takes place at the front of Emergency ward.
where the bead body of Bilal is placed after that the situation went critical and all the other hospitals along with Civil Hospital set in emergency situation for the treatment of injured people this blast shakes the whole Pakistan.

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