Published On: Sat, Jul 9th, 2016

Suicide Bomb Attack Outside United States Consulate In Jeddah


A suicide bomb attack takes place in front of the United States Consulate at Saudi Arab in Jeddah which is the second city of Saudi Arab in this suicide bomb attack which is the second city of Saudi Arab.


In suicide bomb attack which is the second city of Saudi Arab in this suicide bomb attack only the bomber is killed and 2 of the police officers were injured.


This suicide bomb attack takes place at early morning on 2:15 AM at front of United States Consulate when the suicide bomber parked his car at the opposite side of hospital of United States Consulate and don’t do any reaction or action about for 5 minutes he along his car both stayed there without doing any action.

After some when police officers observe that for few minutes this car is standing here than two of the police went towards the cars of the suicide bomber and when the bomber observe that police officers are coming towards the car than he detonated the car and blew the car with while the bomber is sitting in the car.

In this suicide bomb attack the bomber is dead and those two police officers who are going towards him for investigation are injured when these two injured officers are sent to the hospital doctor reports that there is nothing to worry both are lightly injured and soon recover their injuries.

The investigation is still going on and till now no terrorist agency has accepted the responsibility of this terrorist attack but the security agencies and police is still investigating the case till now no further report is presented.

A statement comes from the United States Consulate in this statement the said that all the staff members are no one is even injured in this terrorist attack.