Superman And Supergirl Team Up To Prevent Plane Crash In New Season 2 Promos


The CW has released the second episode trailer of American action adventure series in which the Super girl has to share screen with Superman as they have to protect a plane from crash.


Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Ali Adler have created an American Superhero action & adventure drama series titled “Super Girl”, the whole action- & adventure series based on DC comics that officially broadcasted in air by CBS.

The series has launched the season 1 on CBS channel while the second episode of the series will be live stream next month.

The CW has dropped the second trailer of American Superhero action adventure series “Super Girl”, the second episode scheduled to air on 10th of October 2016 according to the local time of 8pm EST on CW Network.

The latest promo for season 2 reveals Kara Danvers aka Super girl roped with cousin Clark Kent aka Superman to prevent crash of a passenger airplane.

The promo screen open with an explosion of an aircraft that carrying nearly 200 passenger and plane near towards the ground, National City press calls for Kara Danvers (Super Girl) while a news caster in Metroplis suddenly called Clark Kent (Superman).

Clark tear off his white collar shirt while running down on street then he suddenly fly up in air, Super girl reached the scene first and tries to slow down the diving plane suddenly.

People caught Superman on scene when he blowing wind to redirect the craft up in the air. At last the stars guide the plane safely and protect it from crashing.

In another two minutes video, the superman is flying in air and offering his hand to super girl, arguing this a job for both of us.


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